We found a bug in the code that is run immediately after the lights turn green.

We took some footage of us avoiding other robots with a MonsterBorg on the track today, and here it is :D

A quick look at some raw footage from a self-driving MonsterBorg :)

Calibrated YetiBorg looking at the start lights

Find out how we calibrate the cameras on YetiBorgs.

Measuring the track changes

Working out where the track is going next.

Example of the processing results

We now turn our calculated points into position information.

Processing stage 8

A quick explanation of how to use the PerformProcessingStage function

Points found from the lanes

Find out how we go from our lane images to points we can work with

Track lanes highlighted from the caera image

Find out how we use the camera image to see where the track lanes are.

Traffic ahead

Here we explain how the YetiBorg can detect other robots are in front so that it can overtake them.


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