Race Code Functions

Details on the functions provided by the standard Race Code

We found a bug in the code that is run immediately after the lights turn green.

We had all sorts of troubles during the Test 2 stream, here is what happened.

Find out how we took live track footage from one of our MonsterBorgs.


A quick look at what the problems were during our first testing session of the new series.

Instructions for how you can setup a standard SD card image for the Summer 2017 Monster series.

For YetiBorgs follow the Standard Formula Pi SD card image - Winter 2016 guide instead.

With our new MonsterBorg series coming to Formula Pi soon I decided to take a look how we would change the Race Code for use with Raspberry Pi 3s instead of Raspberry Pi Zeroes

Here are our thoughts on Team Enigma's changes to our code.
Find out why they did so well :)

A quick look at how we measured lap times from our laser timing rig and then displayed them in our live stream.

Measuring the track changes

Working out where the track is going next.


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