Posts by Arron Churchill

I am the resident software guru responsible for almost all of the code running Formula Pi.
I also write most of the on-board logic for our boards at PiBorg and the examples provided with them.

My interests in programming cover most things, but I am particularly interested in computer vision and low-level processing code.

Points found from the lanes

Find out how we go from our lane images to points we can work with

Instructions for how you can setup a standard SD card image for the Winter 2016 Formula Pi series.

For MonsterBorgs follow the Standard Formula Pi SD card image - Monster series guide instead.

Remaining battery life on a YetiBorg.

How long does a YetiBorg run for? We decided to find out.

Track lanes highlighted from the caera image

Find out how we use the camera image to see where the track lanes are.

Traffic ahead

Here we explain how the YetiBorg can detect other robots are in front so that it can overtake them.

Robots racing and overtaking

Here are some videos of our overtaking logic in action

Upside-down YetiBorg with WiFi

Here we explain how we can handle being flipped over, and how to detect it has happened.

Formula Pi starting grid

More detail on how lanes are assigned during the race

Race Code Processing data while racing

A quick description of the modes used by for image processing

Crashed YetiBorg

Here is how we tell that a YetiBorg has crashed from just the Pi camera image.