A quick look at what the problems were during our first testing session of the new series.

A summary list of what has changed in the rules since last the previous series.


Prizes for the top 3 competitors from the 2016 Winter Series.

With our new MonsterBorg series coming to Formula Pi soon I decided to take a look how we would change the Race Code for use with Raspberry Pi 3s instead of Raspberry Pi Zeroes

Entry to the 2017 Winter series of Formula Pi is now open :)

To get your entry and YetiLid visit our PiBorg page: Formula Pi entry - Winter series 2017.


Here are our thoughts on Team Enigma's changes to our code.
Find out why they did so well :)

A quick look back at how we designed and made the Formula Pi track.

A quick look at how we measured lap times from our laser timing rig and then displayed them in our live stream.

Raspberry Pi robot laser timing rig

A short blog about making the Laser Timing Rig for measuring the speed of the Formula Pi cars

The final race video and final results for our Winter 2016 series.

The bottom of this post contains spoilers, you have been warned :)


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