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See the videos and results from race round 1 and the current Leaderboard.


Here are the results from our first ever challenge round and the current Leaderboard.


We think the culprit may have finally been found and squashed. Read on to see what we found out.

There will be another testing session


Additional private testing sessions will be made available for testing complex code!

We had all sorts of troubles during the Test 2 stream, here is what happened.

Find out how we took live track footage from one of our MonsterBorgs.

We took some footage of us avoiding other robots with a MonsterBorg on the track today, and here it is :D

The trophies and prizes for the Winners of this years' summer series have now been shipped.

With a new high speed "raptor" class, challenge rounds and even stationary obstacles, read about all the changes to the winter 2017 season.

Get your logo around the Formula Pi track