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I'm the director of Freeburn Robotics, and although I'm the owner, I can usually be found running around the office causing trouble. Originally from Australia, I've been living in the UK since 2003 and love most forms of motor racing, electronics, robotics and autonomous vehicles. Opinions are my own and are always correct :P

Reconstruction image for the Ras Perras "photo finish"


The robots need you!

The world's first Raspberry Pi based autonomous robot racing series Formula Pi are currently looking for sponsors for the Winter 2018 season. Read on to find out how you can help us keep providing exciting racing and live streaming this year.


We found a bug in the code that is run immediately after the lights turn green.

There will be another testing session


Additional private testing sessions will be made available for testing complex code!

The trophies and prizes for the Winners of this years' summer series have now been shipped.

With a new high speed "raptor" class, challenge rounds and even stationary obstacles, read about all the changes to the winter 2017 season.

Get your logo around the Formula Pi track

Some quick fixes for stuck MonsterBorg detection logic

Prizes for the top 3 competitors from the 2016 Winter Series.

A quick look back at how we designed and made the Formula Pi track.