Top ten going into the final???

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Top ten going into the final???

In the streaming this week the commentary talked about teams in the top ten going into the final. Can you please clarify this? I'm of the impression that only the top 5 teams will go into the final. Have the rules been changed yet again or is it another example of the commentators not actually knowing what the rules are?

I ask because Pico HulkenBorg is now out of contention for the top 5 with only two more rounds left, but could still get into the top 10. If we're out of contention for the final then I would hope to switch development to preparing for next season (even volunteering to drop out of races to help with numbers if that can be substituted for extra testing without hindering other cars), but if we can still make the final then I will keep trying to win (honestly that is what I'm doing!). The talk of the top ten going forwards has confused things though. Can you please explain the significance of the top ten and how the entry to the final will be decided?

Arron Churchill
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Top 5 for the final

The rules for this season have not been changed, the top 5 on the leader board after Race 3 is complete will go through to the final. The house robot scores do not count and are excluded from the final.

Thats what i thought...

Yep that's exactly as i thought, thanks for the clarification Arron. Can we please make sure that gets explained to "the voice of formula pi" before the next broadcast? :(

So with that in mind, since we now can't actually reach the final, if it helps with the numbers i'd rather be testing on an empty track than to be a hindrance to other competitors in a race. Would that work for you?

What i'd suggest would be that for the next round i can send two versions of the code in. If the numbers of entries means that we're needed to race then you can use the race upload, if the numbers don't work and it helps if we drop out then you could run a test version for me instead?

I could for example share a set of logs and images to say thank you. As you know I'm especially keen to get the python-picamera module working and to turn the AWB off, so to be able to do that before the end of the season could be quite useful for development before the next.

Oh and while i think of it, can i enter the 'best photo taken by a robot during a race' competiton? ;)

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No answer?

With only three days left to prepare I'm going to take that as a no then and assume that we'll be racing as usual. Apologies in advance to any robots that crash into the back of us. :(

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