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External Stimulas/Stimuli/Whatever

I note from the footage that there are a number of FormulaPi logos, nailed to the walls, around the track.

It occurred to me that (in theory) it might be possible to use these to help figure out where we are on the circuit. I was therefore wondering:

Is there any specific ruling on using things not on the track itself (but still picked up by the camera) in your calculations?
What are the chances of a spectator/marshal's head blocking the view on race day?

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Allowed camera input

There are no restrictions on what you can use from the camera.
If the camera image can see something you are allowed to make use of that :)

During the race humans will only be found in the following locations:

  1. After turn 1 / behind straight 2
    This is where the start light controls are
  2. On the left of turns 2 & 3
    This will be where the commentators and spectators are enjoying the sofa :)
  3. In the corner of the room behind straight 2
    Basically this is where the stairs are if people are entering or leaving

Both the central area inside the track and behind the other parts of the track will be out-of-bounds to everyone.

The background panels will be gaining some more logos / names for our sponsors from the Kickstarter.
These are not going to be in place for at least a month yet, but they will stay the same for the entire series.
They will probably change between each series though.

We want people to get creative and see what they can do with the data available to them from the camera using the power of the Raspberry Pi Zero.
It is great to here that we might get some processing code which deviates from only looking at the track ^_^

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