Yetiborg Assembly/Wiring

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Yetiborg Assembly/Wiring

Hello again!

I've noticed that either:
I cannot find the writing/assembly guide
One is not posted on the website

I did have mine assembled the first night after receiving, but everything is wired straight:
+ to red dot.
m1,m2 left side (these need flipped +/- belive)
m3,m4 right side

I just figured out all the i2c bus communication, so i'm writing my connector right now. Included here is a picture of my assembly. The extra lines are a OTG cable that wraps up through with a wifi adapter plugged in, and the usb to my PC.

I'll dig through the code to find the answers on connection I need, but that may be helpful to have that assembly guide somewhere.

Geoff Riley
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The wonders of cable...

I have mine at a similar stage; just awaiting confirmation of the wiring. It's been sat in its box since I put it together, and I've been concentrating on other things like getting the code running smoothly.

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YetiBorg Wiring

On each motor we have soldered the red wire to the red dot.

The wires are then connected to the ZeroBorg as follows:

M1+ → Front right black
M1- → Front right red

M2+ → Front left red
M2- → Front left black

M3+ → Rear left red
M3- → Rear left black

M4+ → Rear right black
M4- → Rear right red

Final wiring on the board:

The full set of images are here:
Wiring starts from step 56.

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Missing build guide for v1 yeti

The old build pages did not survive the transition to the new site, I think I've missed something. One part I can't check is how the toggle switch was connected. Are the original build instructions available anywhere?

Arron Churchill
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Old build instructions

Good news, the old page is still available here: :)

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