Winter 2018 Round 2 Challenge Round Up and Results

Catch up with Session 1 and Session 2 if you haven't watched them already, spoilers are contained below!

So now... the heats in a little more detail:

Heat 1: Team Muon vs. Sheldon's Fury
Both teams launched at the first two troll bots causing a huge crash in the first corner, and then took around 1.5 mins to get a lap on the leaderboard. After that, Team Muon settled into a good rhythm and got 4 laps on the leaderboard.

1st - Team Muon, 4 laps, 10 points.
2nd - Sheldon's Fury, 0 laps, 0 points.

Heat 2: Team Skedsmo Kodeklubb I vs. Swinders
Again piling into the first troll bot, Swinders had a reboot and did not restart after the initial crash. Skedsmo got away from the crash but still only managed one lap before coming to a halt on the first corner getting stuck on a troll bot.

1st - Team Skedsmo Kodeklubb I, 1 lap, 2 points
2nd - Swinders, 0 laps, 0 points.

Heat 3: Red Pi Racing vs. WHacky Racer
WHacky Racer got the early lead after Red Pi Racing got stuck on the wall, but after a tentative few minutes crossing the start and finish line backwards and forwards a few times, WHacky Racer kept the early lead to get 2 laps on the board.

1st - WHacky Racer, 2 laps, 4 points
2nd - Red Pi Racing, 1 lap, 2 points.

Heat 4: Deep Purple vs. The IT Guy
An aggressive start from Deep Purple blocked the IT Guy from getting through the first pair of troll bots. The IT Guy still managed to get the first lap on the leaderboard, but after getting stuck on a troll bot the Deep Purple team managed to catch up and overtake the IT Guy to sneak in the win.

1st - Deep Purple, 2 laps, 6 points.
2nd - The IT Guy, 1 lap, 2 points.

Heat 5: Team PiSR vs. Pi Hard
Pi Hard got off to a fantastic start making clear moves to avoid the troll bots using a reverse and change angle maneuver. However PiSR had trouble getting past the first few robots and ended up running against the barriers and failing to get a lap on the board. Pi Hard continued to stack up the laps and made light work of the troll bots.

1st - Pi Hard, 6 laps, 12 points.
2nd - PiSR, 0 laps, 0 points.

Heat 6: IQaudIO vs. Stumble and Splash
Stumble and Splash got off to a good start getting in an early 3 laps, whereas IQaudIO had trouble from the get go and failed to move beyond the first set of robots. After their initial good start Stumble and Spash got stuck on the first pair of troll bots, and didn't complete any more laps.

1st - Stumble and Splash, 3 laps, 8 points.
2nd - IQaudIO, 0 laps, 0 points.

Heat 7: Makerspace Randers vs. Team Houete
Makerspace Randers failed to start in this heat and didn't respond to the lights, and after getting stuck in the first corner a reboot stopped Team Houete from making any more progress.

1st - Team Houete, 0 laps, 0 points.
2nd - Makerspace Randers, 0 laps, 0 points.

Heat 8: Team Limilo vs. SerGPIO Pirez
After a solid start making some great avoiding moves, SerGPIO Pirez collided with a troll bot and had a reboot. But with some restart code installed, SerGPIO got going again, but then seemed to come to a halt again. The same story for Limilo, after rebooting and successfully restarting they got caught on a troll bot and got stuck at 1 lap.

1st - Team Limilo, 1 lap, 4 points
2nd - SerGPIO Pirez. 0 laps, 0 points

Heat 9: Orange vs. Pico HulkenBorg
Orange got away first but got stuck on the first troll bot, leaving the apex clear for Pico to start on their lap count rampage. Orange freed themselves after a little while and started to keep pace with Pico before getting caught on another troll bot. Making light work of the troll bots, Pico got 9 laps setting a new Formula Pi Challenge record.

1st - Pico HulkenBorg, 9 laps, 20 points.
2nd - Orange, 2 laps, 4 points.

Heat 10: Enigma vs. SDSU Robotics
Enigma made a great start and dived between the troll bots early doors getting the first lap on the leaderboard, but then crashed with a robot and forced a reboot ending their challenge. SDSU made a tentative start, but kept working away at the track and got 3 laps completed by time up.

1st - SDSU Robotics, 3 laps, 8 points
2nd - Enigma, 1 lap, 2 points

Heat 11: Think Robot Team vs. Chitty Chitty Pi Pi.
Chitty Chitty Pi Pi had a difficult start to the challenge round after mounting a troll in the first corner and getting stuck and only really getting going in the last minute of the race.. Think Robot Team set off in the right direction, but took almost 2.5 minutes to get their first lap nailed. Everything came down to the last minute, and Think Robot Team took the lead and hold it.

1st - Think Robot Team, 3 laps, 8 points
2nd - Chitty Chitty Pi Pi, 1 lap, 2 points

Heat 12: Rasperras Del Infierno vs House 1.
Rasperras del Infierno got stuck on the first troll and struggled to make grounds, but managed to get a lap in right at the close of the session ensuring them two points against the house robot.

1st - House 1, 3 laps, 8 points (but will not count).
2nd - Rasperras del Infierno, 1 lap, 2 points.

The leaderboard so far...


Position Team name Number Points Laps
1 Pico HulkenBorg 74 20 9
2 Pi Hard 117 14 6
3 Team Muon 131 10 4
4 Stumble and Splash 137 8 3
4 SDSU Robotics 139 8 3
4 Think Robot Team 113 8 3
7 WHacky Racer 85 6 2
7 Deep Purple 140 6 2
9 Orange 132 4 2
10 Team Skedsmo Kodeklubb I 75 4 1
10 Team Limilo 105 4 1
12 Red Pi Racing 121 2 1
12 The IT Guy 67 2 1
12 Chitty Chitty Pi Pi 116 2 1
12 Rasperras Del Infierno 22 2 1
12 Enigma 149 2 1
17 Sheldon's Fury 119 0 0
17 Swinders 34 0 0
17 PiSR 135 0 0
17 IQaudIO 72 0 0
17 Makerspace Randers 115 0 0
17 Team Houete 138 0 0
17 SerGPIO Pirez 144 0 0

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