Winter 2018 Round 1 Testing Round up

The first testing session of the Winter 2018 season took place last week with 17 robots all lining up to flex their coding muscles. The best recorded lap of the night went to Chitty Chitty Pi Pi with 16.54 seconds, and they also had the best average times of the night at 16.69 seconds.

The full testing session can be rewatched below, check the video description for time stamped entries for each robot.

Below is a brief round up of best and average lap times for each team. Reverse laps are in brackets.

PiHard 117 - DNS
Failed to get off the line for last year's 4th place entry.

Team Muon 131 - Best lap = 19.16, Average lap = 19.405
Good start from the Tiffin School team, conservative lines around the track, staying wide which might help them keep out of trouble come the racing.

PicoHulkenBorg 87 - Best lap = 17.09, Average lap = 17.758
Picking out the tight lines and straight-lining through the S's was very impressive to see in testing from Pico.

Team CROSS HEAD 114 - Best lap = 17.56, Average lap = 18.41
Solid laps from the previous Formula Pi Champions, nothing fancy, but getting their warm up before racing begins next week.

Team Limilo 105 - Best lap = 17.92, Average lap = 18.51
Diving for the inside line on their first lap, and then implementing a smooth midline through the track for the remaining laps

??? 135 - Best lap = 19.23, Average lap = 20.011
Slightly slow laps from team 135, conservative lines but got in 6 full laps without issue.

Sheldon's Fury 119 - Best lap = 18.38, Average lap = 19.43
Good first 6 laps, but then had some contact issues with the wall in the seventh and last lap.

SerGPIO Pirez 144 - DNS
Failed to get off the line.

Team Houete 138 - Best lap = (15.59), Average lap = (15.6725)
Jumped the lights saw green and went, driving straight into the barrier. The timer wasn't started by the organisers, however all bar one lap after the jump was in reverse. Times above are average reversed lap times.

The IT Guy 67 - Best lap = 16.86, Average lap = 17.302
Great first laps from The IT Guy, hugging the S's really tight, first sub 16 second lap of the night.

Chitty Chitty Pi Pi 116 - Best lap = 16.54, Average lap = 16.693
Similarly tight lines, combined with aggressive turning gave this team the fastest lap of the night and the best average time too. A great showing from last year's finalists.

IQaudIO 72 - Best lap = 17.31, Average lap = 18.658
IQaudIO mixed up the inside and outside lines throughout their testing run, experimenting with line choices throughout the session.

WHacky Racer 85 - Best lap = (15.4), Average lap = (18.345)
Crashed into the first corner, then continuing in reverse. The laps in reverse were very quick, however they won't count.

Swinders 34 - Best lap = 16.84, Average lap = 17.061
Back for his 5 season, Swinders has set out a good first testing session with a sub 17 second best lap and close to 17 second average.

Makerspace Randers 115 - DNS
Robot started but was running at 20% power, so failed to move off the line.

Deep Purple 140 - Best lap = 20.89, Average lap = 24.024
Flipped over on the first lap, completing 5 laps upside down, failed to crack the 20 second barrier.

SDSU Robotics 139 - Best lap = 20.3 Average lap = 26.575
Tentative laps from the University team, with a wide range of lap times.


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