Formula Pi final

Today (Thursday 26th January 2017) is the final race of the Winter Formula Pi series.

Competitors from all over the world have put their coding skills up against each other and it's down to the final five :)

Hailing from Essex in the UK, the team works for Revolve Engine Management by day. In Formula Pi, Enigma have had a meteoric rise to the finals, failing to start in their first race, but then taking 1st and 2nds in their remaining heats, coming 1st in the eliminators and setting the current track record at 24.2 seconds. Favourites to take the win, Enigma are the ones to watch in the final!
The Super Ward Bros, are from Boise, Idaho in the USA, and are brothers in real life! Their day jobs as Test Engineers for Micron Technologies has given them a lot of experience to bring to Formula Pi. They have been consistent from day 1 of the Formula Pi Series, clocking up 1st and 2nds in the heats, the only thing stopping them was another competitor switching off their robot in one of the rounds! They came 2nd in the eliminators, and expect them to give Enigma and good run for their money come final time.
Scuderia Gatto Rosso F-Pi Team originally met whilst working for a Formula 1 team, and are using their knowledge of professional racing to great success in Formula Pi. Whilst being unlucky in the heats and finishing 13th, sneaking in on the last available place to the eliminators, they performed brilliantly and got a solid 4th place to qualify for the final. With their variable form in the heats, and great improvements for the eliminators, it's all to play for for the ex-F1 engineers.
RasPerras Del Infierno consist mainly of two friends Jorge and Pablo who take part in programming contests regularly, and they are from Madrid in Spain. Despite having a mixed bag of results in the heats and finishing 11th in the leaderboard, the team stepped up their performance for the eliminators and got a 3rd when it counted. We can't wait to see if they are going to step it up again for the final!
The Hayler-Goodalls were the slow burners of the contest, having an unlucky start, but improving greatly as the heats progressed, taking the win in one of their heats, finishing 2nd in the leader board and 5th in the eliminators. Dad Richard and sons Ozzy and Jasper from Surrey in the UK are looking to take on the professional engineers and see if they can cause an upset in the final!

The Race can be seen here:

If you'd like to get involved the Formula Pi website is the place to start!



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